Top 8 ways to hide wrinkles and look younger


Everyone in regardless of their age love having a smooth face and skin. Men as well as women love appearing as young as they feel. For this reason, wrinkles make you feel and look old and there is need for you to get rid of them. If you would follow the following 8 ways to hide wrinkles, your face would be as smooth and as young as you would want it to be.


Plump up with moisturizer

Wrinkles form and stand out as a result of the skin becoming dry as one age. This implies that if you would bring back moisture on your skin, it would fight wrinkles and even fine lines. Moisturizing your skin is one of the 8 ways to hide wrinkles. You should always look for a moisturizer which contains hyaluronic acid. This is because this compound plumps the skin and pulls in water.


Do not overdo anti- aging creams

You should only try out at least two anti- aging products in a given time. Once you use too many products your skin becomes irritated. This accelerates the rate at which wrinkles become visible. You should give your skin a break of about a month before you use a different anti- aging product. If you would consider this point you will manage to conceal wrinkles as it is among the most important 8 ways to hide wrinkles.


Use retinoids

Your skin becomes spurred in order to produce more collagens once you use retinoids. To access products with retinol, you can purchase them over the counter. A medical expert is the best if you would consider one to give you a prescription. With retinoids you have to be patient as they start working as from 6 weeks to 3 months. It is advisable for you to wear sun screen as retinoids tend to expose your skin a little too much to the sun. Sun screen also keeps wrinkles at bay and so it would be wise for you to consider it.


Silicone primer should be the first in your make up

Prior to applying your foundation, you should first think about applying a primer. This softens the wrinkles. The one which has a silicone base is most recommended as it fills in fine lines and uneven texture. Application of a primer is among the 8 ways to hide wrinkles and therefore you should always keep that in mind while making up.


Lighten up on a powder

Applying a light dusting of loose mineral powder goes a long way to set your make up. It does this by not settling in pores and fine lines. This is why this point is among the 8 ways to hide wrinkles. For your skin to acquire an extraordinary radiance, you should seek the one with mica micro particles as it reflects light.


Use moisture rich foundation which is light

If you are used to applying matte formulas, it is the reason your skin makes you appear older. It is advisable to use a hydrating sheer foundation as it is the best. If you need to cover some black spots and blemishes, you should tap a concealer before applying your foundation. You should always keep in mind that applying heavy concealer on wrinkles and fine lines draws attention to them. therefore consider this a strong point among the 8 ways to hide wrinkles.


Smudge proof your lips

Maintain the color on your lips and do not allow it to form fine lines. This should be done in the help of a non- drying lip stain, lip pencil and sheer gloss. In order for you to look great, you should use a lip liner which is creamy and which will stay put for a long time. It should also match the color of your lips. After this use your fingertip, to apply a lip stain. At the center of your lips, apply sheer gloss to maintain your color. With great looking lips, people will not happen to notice fine lines or wrinkles. This is among the 8 ways to hide wrinkles and fine lines.


Play up your eyes

You can do something to your eyes that will keep off the attention from your fine lines and wrinkles. Highlighting the eyes is one of the tricks you can play on your face. Matte eye shadow should be more preferable than shimmer. This is because the shimmery metallic material used in eye shadows draws attention to creepy skin as it enhances fine lines. In order to make your eyes look spectacular, neutral colors should be used on your lids and soft neutrals on your eyelid creases.


Above are the 8 ways to hide wrinkles. If you practice every point, you will have successfully concealed your wrinkles or at least no one will seem to make notice of them. try them today and you will not regret the experience.


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  1. I’d like to try a lip stain, but thought they all had drying formulas. Can you recommend a non-drying stain? I’d also appreciate recommendations for pencil (soft so it applies easily without pulling on delicate lip skin) and gloss.

    Time for change!

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