Month: August 2015

7 Worst Foods That Are Staining Your Teeth

    There’s a myth that healthy foods are always healthy. But it’s not true in every case. A German study found that food with tough texture can damage our teeth and in some cases seriously. There’s a saying that an apple a day keeps the apple away, but not necessarily the dentist. A new […]

8 Quick and Easy Hairstyles You Haven’t Tried Yet

  Apart from the regular ponytail or no style at all, we often time want to play with hair but then we remember there is no time. The truth is that adding style to your regular hair isn’t difficult and shouldn’t consume a lot of time. These styles can be completed in less than 10 […]

13 Beauty uses of lemons You Should Try

  Lemons are a rich source of vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Being rich in vitamin c, they can be used to serve a vast variety of purposes giving us health and beauty benefits while all the  ingredients together helps in conditioning our hairs, skins and nails.   Lemon can be used in a […]