5 Worst Foods To Consume For Beautiful Healthy Skin


It’s No Secret That Processed Foods Are Damaging To Our Organs

Did you know it can directly affect the look and appearance of your skin? The largest organ in your body is so important to take care of and give it the best nourishment to function optimally for your entire life. Have you ever seen an eighty year old with no wrinkles and healthy looking skin? It’s hard to come by because so many have adopted the North American diet, but there are some people out there and when you see them, you will want it for yourself too. Some people look 30 when they are in fact 80 years old.


The Secrets Of People With Beautiful Skin

An all raw food diet with lots of water and no processed food at all. Moderation is the key to health and beautiful skin. Having processed food is okay on occasion. For the most beautiful, healthy looking, and appealing skin that you will not regret giving to yourself. As with anything we have the choice to consume what and how much. If you want the healthiest looking skin then you want to be aware of what foods to stay away from and to specifically use moderation when consuming them.


The Top 5 Worst Foods To Consume For Beautiful Skin:


1. Sugar

It’s not sugar that causes poor skin. It’s the processed bleached sugar that we are all so used to. Opt for fresh fruit or a teaspoon of raw honey to satisfy your sweet cravings.


2. Alcohol

On an occasional basis of 4 ounces a month is beneficial. Any more than this and your liver works hard to flush this out of your system which can cause red irritable looking outbreaks on the skin.


3. Extra salt intake

Salt is not bad. In fact raw real salt is beneficial and supplies essential vitamins and minerals. It’s the processed table salt we are used to that can cause an unhealthy look to our skin by causing water retention and making us look heavier than we are.


4. Caffeine


The occasional cup of coffee is okay even beneficial. It’s when we consume too much daily that it can cause premature aging to our skin by dehydrating us. Whenever consuming coffee or an occasional soda, make sure you drink extra water that day also to keep your body well hydrated.


5. Fried fatty foods

Fatty food is okay once in awhile. When over consuming fatty food, it not only clogs our arteries, but it also clogs our pores and gives our appearance a dull, drawn out, and unhealthy glow.


Things To Keep In Mind

All processed foods should be limited for the best treatment of our skin. A raw food diet with plenty of water intake and a full supply of micronutrients is the best for our bodies and skin. By consuming a diet that is mostly raw fruits and vegetables and has a proper supply of life giving qualities and balance will give us longer life and a longer lasting youthful appearance that we so desire.



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