How Long Should You Keep Makeup?



There are several factors that determine how long you should keep holding on to your make up. Among the most important considerations are,

· Type of make up

· How it has been stored

· If you have had an infection


There are some make ups that can only last for 3 months only. Others can stay for a couple years. In order for your make ups to serve you the longest, you should purchase only the cosmetics that have not been opened. How you store your goods when you get home determines how long they will serve you. You should have a dry, cool place where children cannot reach. Keeping cosmetics in such a place will ensure that they will serve you the longest. If you practice this, you will have answered the question that most ladies ask, how long should you keep make up. Below are some makeups and their recommended shelf life after opening them for the first time.



After 3 months, you should be ready to discard your mascara. This is because mascara has the shortest duration to live. It happens because the probability of transferring bacteria from your eye back to the mascara tube is very high. Others ask how do I know when to discard it off? The thing is, once your mascara starts drying up it gives you a reason for you to throw it away. Never should you ever add water or saliva with an aim of rewetting the mascara. Doing this increases the chances of your eyes being infected.


Eye shadows

How long should you keep make up like eye shadows? For your eye shadow to serve you longest, ensure that your applicators remain clean. If you have the liquid shadows, let them last for one year. The powder shadows can last for 2 years. It is advised for you to throw away any eye make- up in case you develop an eye infection. This should be done immediately you develop the symptoms. It mostly happens that the bacteria or virus that infected you is residing in the mascara tube. This is why it is essential for you to throw it away immediately.


Foundation and concealers

Stick concealers and moisturizing foundations can stay for up to 18 months. This should be a perfect answer for anyone asking themselves, how long should you keep makeup like foundation and concealers? Both the oil free foundations and liquid concealers have a shelf life of 12 months. If you would use clean sponges and brushes, you will help with lengthening the duration of time that your makeup will serve you. Ensure that you wash or replace the applicators that you use frequently.


Blushes and powders

You should throw away your cream blushes annually. Powders and powder blushes can be thrown away after two years. One should look after their makeup in the same intensity that they do with their food. If there is a weird smell, film or mold green development on the blushes, it means that the makeup is destroyed and has to be thrown away.


Lipstick and eye pencil

How long should you keep makeups like lipsticks and eye pencil? This is a common question that is asked by most ladies. You can keep the lip pencils and the tube lipsticks for 2 years. For eye pencils you should sharpen them a new if you want to use them just like you do with your lip pencil. You can use your eye pencil for a duration of 2 years at most. To ensure that it is clean enough for your eyes, sharpen it every time you want to use it.


For the first time you open a cosmetic, you should make sure you note the date by writing it down. You can write it on the product. It greatly helps one to keep track on how long they have been using the makeup. With this, you can easily determine the time for you to throw it away.



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