7 Worst Foods That Are Staining Your Teeth



There’s a myth that healthy foods are always healthy. But it’s not true in every case. A German study found that food with tough texture can damage our teeth and in some cases seriously. There’s a saying that an apple a day keeps the apple away, but not necessarily the dentist. A new study suggests that healthy and crunchy foods such as almond can actually cause damage and pain. Serious injuries such as tooth fracture. Foods are not always harmless in moderation, but when consumed in excessive amount, will definitely become the cause of trouble.


Here’s a list of seven foods that have very bad effect on our teeth.


1. Sports drink :

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Their concentration of strong acid actually produces the deepest enamel  loss in the tooth. The main damage is caused by the sugar content in the drink that cause enamel losses in the teeth.  It leaves the teeth more susceptible to decay and sensitivity.


2. Citrus fruits and juices :

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Citrus fruits and juices are considered very much healthy and a great source of vitamin-c are not at all good for teeth.  They have highly acidic content, which erode the enamel. These drinks should be consumed but in moderation and should be followed by mouth wash after they are consumed.


3. Soft drink :

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Soft drinks contain juices having a low ph level, which makes the mouth go acidic. As a result a perfect atmosphere gets created in our mouth for acids and sugar, and they attack tooth enamel. Citric acid which is one of the major ingredients of soft drinks, can enormous damage to our teeth.


4. Candies

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Candies are also very much harmful for our teeth. The chewy candies get stuck to our teeth for a long time. This allows the bacteria’s to attack our teeth and on the sugar which was left out by the candies.  These bacteria’s burn the sugar and convert them into acid. This acid attacks the tooth enamel.

Hard candies though don’t get stuck in our teeth but they dissolve very slowly. As a result bacteria’s get more time to attack the teeth. Sometimes  these candies are covered with citric acid and they make the situation more worse.


5. Coffee and tea

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Coffee and tea, are one of the most popular beverages consumed heavily all across the globe,  but these are not good when it comes to care of teeth.  These beverages have the staining effect on the teeth.  They may be delicious but they have a huge potential to erode the enamel and may cause a permanent stain in the teeth. In a study coffee stain were found to be more consistent than tobacco stains. Coffee and teeth are more sticky and they attract more bacteria’s.


6. Sauces

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Sauces are very much delicious and are a part of our daily diet. But the disadvantage with them is that they are deeply coloured and leaves a very deep staining effect on the teeth. A person should rinse the mouth after consuming these stuffs.


7. Blueberries

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Blueberries are a rich source of antioxidants and colours. They consist of pigmented molecules which get stuck to the tooth enamel. Even juices and pies which are made from them cause serious damage to the enamel of the tooth. Though fruits with less  pigments cause almost no or less stain to teeth. But still they are very much harmful to the teeth.


It’s very much important to take care of  our teeth. Though it’s very difficult to avoid these foods, but with proper care and precautions they can be consumed.Mouth should be properly rinsed and washed our foods are consumed. Properly brushing the teeth at night and at morning may help us in avoiding in serious troubles.

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