8 Quick and Easy Hairstyles You Haven’t Tried Yet


Apart from the regular ponytail or no style at all, we often time want to play with hair but then we remember there is no time. The truth is that adding style to your regular hair isn’t difficult and shouldn’t consume a lot of time. These styles can be completed in less than 10 minutes and they are absolutely perfect when you are running late. After all, running late is not an excuse not to look fabulous. All you need is a comb or brush, and bobby pins. So here we go, 10 quick and easy hairstyles you haven’t tried:


1- Side-swept Bun :

Side-swept Bun

This style fits well on medium and long hair. It will take about 5 minutes to complete. You’ll need a hair stick, a comb, shine serum or sprat, and hair elastic. What you need to do is make a deep side part with a comb, apply some spray and comb through. Gather your hair to one side. Making a low side pony, secure with hair elastic. Next wrap the tail toward your ear, then under the pony. Leave the ends free. Pierce the bun with the hair stick.



2- Top Knot:

Top Knot

This hairstyle is very simple and chic. Simply pull your hair into a ponytail, comb the ponytail backwards and finally wrap your hair at the base and pin it into place.


3- Low Side Braid :

Low Side Braid

This is yet another simple way to spice your hair up. To get the look, pull your hair into a low side braid, tease the roots of your hair to enhance volume.


4- High-volume Pony Tail:

High-volume Pony Tail

This will work perfectly if you have medium or long hair. You will need a headband, a comb, clip, and hair elastic. First divide your hair from ear to ear over the top of your hair. Clip the front section. Take a 2-inch section from the crown of your head and tease the area near your scalp. Now unclip the front section and let it fall over the teased area. Gather the hair into a pony; secure your hair with elastic, leaving about 1-inch section of your longest hair. Wrap this unsecure hair around the elastic and secure underneath with a bobby pin. Finally put on your headband.


5- Side Ponytail:

Side Ponytail

This will take few minutes to style. Basically curl the long bang around your finger, apply some hair spray and that is it.


6- Slick it back:

slicked back

Although updos on a short hair is tricky and sometimes time consuming. To achieve this hair style, starting with wet hair, apply gel with your fingers. Brush your hair backwards with a comb. Note, use a thin-toothed comb.


7- Bun of Curls:

curly bun hairstyles

This list would be incomplete if there is no style for those with curly hair. Anyways, this style will take about 2 minutes to complete and it fits short and medium hair length. You will need some bobby pins, hair elastic, hair spray, sine serum, and fine-tooth comb. First rub some shine serum over the top layer of your hair. Secure your hair tightly into a ponytail. Next anchor the curls to the hair surrounding it using bobby pins. Finally, spray.


8- Pin Curls:

pin curls hairstyle

This will work fine for medium and long hair. You will need brush, bobby pins, and hair spray. First, brush out about 2 inch section of your hair and secure with two bobby pins. It shouldn’t be too tight. Smoothen the remaining hair sections into a low ponytail behind your left ear and twist the pony twice towards the back of your head. Secure with some bobby pins. Repeat this for the right section and connect the left and right sections with a bobby pin.



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