5 Beauty Benefits of Vitamin C 


Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins available to us. The important thing to keep in mind is that it is not produced inside our body; therefore we should obtain it from our diet and other supplements. It is water-soluble (dissolves in water), so it should be taken daily in our diet.

The natural form of vitamin-C is L-Ascorbic Acid. It can be absorbed by our body only in this form. This vitamin is responsible for maintaining and creating collagen. Collagen is the glue that holds body together. The main purpose of this intoxicant is to strengthen blood vessels and elasticity and strength to skin. Vitamin C is needed for the growth and repair of the tissues.


Here are some beauty benefits of Vitamin-C:

1- It boosts hair health:

Vitamin C boosts hair health. It is this nutrient which is responsible for strengthening and growth of our hairs.


2- It boosts nail growth:

This nutrient is also responsible for the strength and growth of our nails. It does so by strengthening our skin and connecting blood vessels, tissues and bones.

It prevents hangnails: As this vitamin gives strength to our nails, it also prevents hangnails. So it becomes to take daily doses of this vitamin.


3- Makes us look younger:

In a study it was found that the women, who consumed more of this vitamin, were found to have fewer wrinkles and very little skin dryness.


4- Makes us look more energized:

Vitamin C plays a key role in iron absorption, which in turn is responsible for our overall beauty and wellbeing. When iron store in our body get depleted, we may develop anaemia and feel week and low.


5- Increases the immunity of our body:

It gives protection to our body from infections and helps in maintain healthy bones and teeth. It also increases our body’s ability to repair wounds and keeps us immune from all kinds of infections.


Other benefits of Vitamin C to health : 

1- Common cough and cold :

It reduces the strength of cold symptoms and acts as antihistamine that lessens the effects of cold. It controls the allergy that causes cold and helps in shortening the duration of the cold.


2- Acts as antioxidant :

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which protects our body from radicals that may cause oxidative stress, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke.


3- Helps to deal with stress :

Vitamin C helps to deal with stress by reducing the levels of stress hormones.


4- Protection against asthma :

Low level of vitamin-c produces a risk of developing asthma. So it becomes very mush important to for asthma patient’s to have high doses if this vitamin in their diet.


5- Reduces the effects of diabetes :

It is also healthy for diabetic patients as it helps to regulate sugar levels there by reducing the reducing the risks of diabetic patients.


6- Ensures proper dilation of blood vessels :

Vitamin C ensures proper dilation of blood vessels which helps us to protect us from a number of diseases such as high cholesterol, heart congestion.


7- Protects against skin discolouration :

Vitamin C protects our DNA from photochemical reactions which may become the cause of tumours, skin discolouration. It lightens dark spots and reduces wrinkles thereby making us look younger.


8- Reduces the risk of Cancer :

Vitamin C acts as antioxidant which protects cell’s DNA from damage and mutation thereby protecting us from cancer in the long run. It supports the body immune system and prevents cancer forming compound. It reduces the risk of development of all kinds of cancers.

Thus we see that vitamin c is of utmost importance to us and should be an essential ingredient of our daily diet.


Top Foods Highest in Vitamin C : 

You have already known that oranges and other citrus fruits are very high in vitamin C. Notwithstanding, there are numerous vegetables and organic products with more vitamin C than oranges.


1- Kale

kaleAside from containing phytonutrients, fiber and crucial vitamins like vitamin An and vitamin K, kale is among top vegetables that are rich in vitamin C. One measure of this kind of green vegetable conveys 80.4 milligrams of vitamin C or 134% of your day by day esteem. You can work destroyed kale into a generous plate of mixed greens with avocados, ground parmesan cheddar and olive oil and lemon juice. You can likewise saute it in olive oil with dried products of the soil nuts to appreciate vitamin C however much as could reasonably be expected.


2- Broccoli

broccoliAlongside kale, broccoli is stacked with a high measure of vitamin C. This simple go-to vegetable is the ideal nibble food with 132 milligrams of vitamin C for one serving. At the point when broccoli is overcooked, it loses some of its supplements. So it is better for you to daintily steam it for a side dish or hack some into a veggie omelet in the morning. You can saute it with stew pieces, olive oil, lemon and garlic too.


3- Tomatoes

TomatoesStuffed with a bundle of supplements, vitamins and minerals, it is straightforward why tomatoes are a superfood that is regularly utilized as a part of every day suppers. Beside kale and broccoli, tomatoes contains their offer of vitamin C. They are likewise a typical way that numerous individuals get some measure of this crucial vitamin. You can add some tomato cuts to sandwiches or other food readiness for an incessant, low-level measurement to appreciate this current vegetable’s gigantic medical advantages.


4- Peaches

PeachesPeaches are an organic product that has a considerable measure of medical advantages. They not just help you control your weight and increase your lifespan additionally are useful for your skin and enhance vision. You have realized that these crisp organic products are rich in vitamin K, vitamin A, fiber, protein and some different supplements. Yet, peaches are likewise a fantastic wellspring of vitamin C, which is one of the most secure and best supplements.


5- Papaya

PapayaPressed with vitamin A, folate and dietary fiber, papaya, otherwise called the paw, is a flawless after-dinner sweet for the sweet tooth that needs to stay sound. This sensitive natural product additionally contains papain, which helps assimilation. Moreover, papaya has a high measurement of vitamin C, with 86 mg for one container or 144% of your day by day esteem. In spite of the fact that this natural product may not be broadly accessible in a few sections of the world, it gives a simple wellspring of vitamin C.


6- Camu Powder

Camu PowderContaining the second most noteworthy characteristic wellspring of Vitamin C of all foods, Camu is another little pearl from the Amazonian rainforest of Peru and Brazil. Camu natural product develops on a rugged tree in Backwater Rivers. It is said that individuals of the rainforest have collected the juice and utilized it support safety, especially in times of anxiety and tension. Camu has been utilized by antiquated societies to help advance sound gums, eyes, and skin furthermore bolster the elements of the brain (sensory system) and heart (circulatory framework).

Again Loving Earth has a magnificent Camu item. This powdered form can be added to squeezes or smoothies are an extraordinary approach to support your vitamin C intake.


7- Rose Hip

rosehipRose Hip is another organic product that is extremely rich in Vitamin C – 200mg/100g. Rose hip is the product of the rose plant. During World War II, British were told to assemble Rose Hips to make vitamin C for their kids when supplies were short.

Rose Hips additionally contain Licopene, an imperative cancer prevention agent for the body. Late studies have indicated Rose Hips can be a valuable for rheumatoid joint inflammation because of its calming and against oxidant impacts.

Note: Vitamin C is not present in Rose Hip oil as it is a water solvent vitamin.

Love Chai do a naturopathic mix of White Rose and Goji Tea and an Immunity Tea – both containing Rose Hip.


8- Acerola Berry

Acerola BerryAnother exceptionally rich wellspring of normal vitamin C, the Acerola Berry originates from Central and South America and looks very much alike to the red cherry. The vitamin C created by the Acerola natural product is preferable consumed by people over manufactured ascorbic corrosive. Notwithstanding vitamin C the berry contains vitamins A, B1, B2, and B3, and also bioflavoids and carotenoids, which give essential nourishing worth and cell reinforcement advantage.

Lifestream make a natural Acerola Berry Vitamin C and case that most vitamin C supplements accessible today are artificially created from corn glucose, by means of compound and/or aging procedures. Their vitamin C does not contain any engineered ascorbic corrosive or anything artificial. Snap here for more information.


9- Dark Current

dark riceDark Currents are rich in micronutrients and have 3 – 5 times as much vitamin C as oranges do. They contain anthocyanins (likewise exhibit in dark rice and said in our online journal), which is the dull blue/dark shade in the skin and are intense cell reinforcements. Dark streams are said to be mitigating, advance cardiovascular wellbeing and age-related eye issues.


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