Best Makeup Tips for Flawless Skin

Every girl dream to have flawless skin but in reality it’s the boon that only a few possess. Most of the girls might have some kind of flaws on the skin like scars, pimples, dark circles and so on. These beauty issues are not just because of external factors but are the consequences of deteriorating health or the improper lifestyle. Actual solution to these problems may take so much of time to show results. You need to find the cause and then try to eliminate that. This can make your skin look good and flawless. If you want to attend a function and you feel that your skin looks dull and aged, then the best and easiest solution is makeup. You can get back your flawless look instantly through this even when it is not a permanent solution. You need to take care of few things so that you can easily get a flawless look through makeup. Makeup is an art that can do wonders to your face if you are doing that in proper manner. 


Applying Primer

The first thing that you need to do is to get the skin moisturized. Then apply a light primer that has got silica in it. This primer can produce a filling effect. It can easily fill in the wrinkles and also the scars on the face. You cannot hide these flaws so easily with the normal foundation cream that you use. The foundation cream when used more can make these flaws look more revealed. This can be done only with the help of primer.



If some scar or mark is still revealed, then use an extra layer of concealer on these areas. Make sure that the concealer and the primer that you use are of the same color. This can make your skin look without any flaws as these two important components of makeup can hide everything.



You should then apply blush to the apples of cheeks so that your smile can be easily visible. You can blend that towards temples using fingers.Berry shade can look great and natural on the skin.


Eye Base

You can choose any of the eye base that you like and then spread that from the lines of eyelashes towards the bone. Silver and copper shades can be good on people who are fair. Champagne colored eye base looks good on medium and dark skin tones. Inner corners of the eyes can also be colored with this.


Make Eyes Look Deeper

You can easily make the eyes look deeper with the gold and bronze colored eye shadows. You can then set this cream by using dust eye shadow of matching color.


For Better Definition

You can use pencils for defining your eyes and mascara for the eye lashes. This can make your eyes look exceptional.



Apply lip balm to the lips and then lipstick and then a layer of gloss if you are going for a night out. After applying lipstick if you run one piece of ice over lips, it can help the color to last long.

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