4 Tips on how to get younger looking skin


As one ages skin appearance gets old and saggy. Unless plastic surgery is done which is very costly, there are other natural ways on how to get younger looking skin. Living a healthy lifestyle determines greatly the overall appearance of the skin. In this article, let us focus on some of recommended ways to maintain a younger looking skin even at your old age.


1.Protect the skin from direct sunlight

According to studies done, overexposure to the sun causes changes on the skin. It is significant to protect your skin from the direct sunlight by following various methods,

Use sunscreen with a sun protection factor higher than fifteen. They are known as broad-spectrum sunscreens. With such sunscreens, apply thirty minutes before going out to the sun and latter after two hours. In case of sweating or going in the water, apply more frequently

Avoiding sunshine during high intensity period. During such period sun rays are very harmful thus limiting the time spent on the sun will do good.

Wearing protective clothing while in the sun offers the best protection to the skin.Hats, long trouser or long sleeved shirts should be worn.


2.Get quality sleep

For a healthy skin, sleeping is very essential. Lack of quality sleep makes the skin appear old and tired, depressed, irritable and very anxious. To get quality sleep engage in regular physical exercises to create tiredness and you will sleep. Swimming is also an excellent way to improve your sleep. To increase oxygen circulation, aerobic exercises are very significant and the skin will stay healthy. Eating heavy meals while going to bed makes you wake up tired thus reducing the quality of sleep. Ensure light meals are eaten before sleeping. Stimulants should be avoided in the evenings. Take drink that will induce sleep.


3.Clean the skin on a regular basis

If you want to maintain a healthy skin, hygiene is paramount. Taking a bath or a shower everyday will stimulate the skin. Use body soap or shower gels to wash the whole body. Dirt and bacteria are removed leaving the skin clean and healthy. While cleaning be gentle not to break the delicate skin. After washing moisturizers can be applied to prevent the skin from drying up. Washing also helps remove makes ups.Ensure you remove all the old make-up before applying new. If going to bed do not apply make-ups.


4.Avoid smoking 

Studies done by dermatologists have proven smoking ages the skin. With aging collagen gradually degrades and the skin wrinkles. Collagen is a protein that strengthens the skin. If smoking collagen degradation accelerates and tiny blood vessels tighten. Amount of nutrients and oxygen circulating in the skin cells reduces and aging is accelerated. Heat from the burning cigarette causes damage to the facial skin. Not smoking is how to get younger looking skin.


Finally, drinking plenty of water or healthy drinks will help improve the quality of the skin and if appears healthier and younger.Well, if the given tips on how to get younger looking skin are followed they will be beneficial to the skin.



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