5 Habits That Wreck Your Skin


The skin is the largest organ, covering up over 90% of the body. Everyone wants the best for their skin but sometimes too much emphasis is put on what to do and people what forget what they shouldn’t do in order to keep their skin healthy and flawless. Washing the skin daily and using a high-quality moisturizer is good but not enough. Practicing good skin care habits is only totally effective if the vices are also eliminated. You may not know this but a number of things done on a daily basis could be damaging your skin. Here are 5 habits that wreck you skin;


1- Smoking

You probably know that smoking is bad for your lungs and heart, but do you know it’s also not good for your skin?

Sucking on a cigarette over and over again leads to formation of wrinkles. The process makes you pucker your lips which then cause lines to form around your mouth. This also happens when you suck on straws. Smokers also sometimes get smoke around their eyes forcing them to squint and create wrinkles around the eyes. Quit your smoking habits and avoid using straws to keep you free from wrinkles.

Smoking also exposes your skin to cancers, slows the skin’s healing process and makes you prone to infections and scars.


2- Not getting enough sleep

The skin repairs itself at night; little sleep means little time for skin repair. A study revealed that people get little sleep, take a while to fall asleep or toss in bed have more clear lines and uneven coloring and less skin elasticity compared to those that sleep well.

Develop a consistent sleeping pattern and avoid sleeping on your side to make a difference on your skin’s appearance.


3- Long and hot showers

Heat can cause huge damage to the skin pores. Bathing with hot water brushes away natural oils from the skin making it dry and itchy.

Consider making your showers shorter and reducing the heat of your water. Though relaxing, long, hot showers are harsh on the skin stripping off its ability to develop natural protection abilities.


4- Cell phones

In this era, it is almost impossible to see anyone, anywhere, without a mobile phone. The problem with the cell phones is that they are placed almost anywhere and therefore end up collecting dirt and bacteria. When the dirty devices get into contact with the skin they can lead to infections.

Wipe your phone regularly using anti-bacterial wipes to help reduce this risk. Also avoid placing your cell just on about any surface.


5- Skipping your sun-screen

Do not just wear your sunscreen when the sun is up. A sunscreen should be put on every single day regardless of the weather. As long as you are outside, it will protect you against both the UVB and UVA rays. The two rays can cause cancer. UVA rays help you tan but at the same time cause wrinkles while the UVB rays burn your skin.


These 5 habits that wreck your skin may appear harmless but there effects are seen over time. Try hard to avoid them and any other that you find not to be good for your skin.



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