How Much Of Beauty Products Should Use


Some people have the notion that using too much of a beauty product can actually give them more refined results compared to using too little of the product. What they actually do not bear in mind is that the product has been actually tested and the guidelines given are the best for you. Contrary to misinformed notions above, using excessive amounts other than the given ones will lead to a host of problems for you and you might even realize health complications. In addition to health implications, this may also mean that you will have to dig dipper into your wallet due to the faster rate at which your product is utilized.


It’s for the above reasons that people often ask themselves this question, how much product should you use? In order to determine how much product one should use, it’s apparent that one undergoes a thorough face mapping to analyze the condition of the skin taking this test from your therapist ensures that you use your money wisely in purchasing the accurate health products that will be effective for your body. The importance of face mapping cannot be over-emphasized; it diagnoses your exact condition which leads to accurate prescription.


The following is a guideline that will come in handy in determining how much product you should use: it will ensure that you will optimize the use of each product which will ensure you don’t have to purchase that product more than its necessary.


Skin care products

When using cleansers you need only a serving size of a hazel nut. A small amount of a cleanser can go a long way especially those that foam. Therefore all you need is a dollop. However you can increase the serving size of creams because they do not go far.


Moisturizers on the other hand require a serving size of about two raisins. You can add this serving size in case two raisins are not enough for you.


For those people who like to employ the use of night creams, all they need is a blueberry-sized amount. However in case you are in areas with dry climate then you might consider upping this amount. You also need to ensure that you wait for at least 5 minutes for this product to properly do its job otherwise you might be wasting this precious product.


For retinol and serum you only require a pea-sized squirt of the product. This will be effective for your skin and will ensure that it’s not irritated.


The final product in this category is sunscreen. Sunscreen only requires one grape per body part. For example, you only need one grape of sunscreen for your entire face.


Hair care products

The following is a specification of the serving sizes for health products under this category:



for short hair you need a blackberry serving size whereas long hair requires a strawberry size.



short hair requires cherry size and two raspberries size will do for long hair.


Serum and oil

a serving size of about one or two macadamia nuts is recommended,


Styling cream

you only require using a serving size of 1-3 pumpkin seeds. Finally if you are using Mousse, a serving size of about a crabapple will do the job perfectly.


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