Eye Care Tips For Healthy Eyes


There is no debating the fact that the health of your eyes is crucial. Healthy eyes directly equal better vision even when you grow old. Here are a few Tips for Healthy Eyes and infection free :


Eye exercises :

Just like your body needs exercise to stay fit, your eyes need exercise too. You can do simple eye exercises like blinking your eyes repeatedly until they become moist or shutting your eyes tight for a few seconds and releasing repeatedly. So if you are not already doing it, make it a point to perform simple eye exercises 2 or 3 times a day. Regular eye exercises can help improve your vision.


Preventing infection :

Always use a clean napkin or tissue to clean or rub your eyes. Try to avoid using your hands unless of-course you have washed them properly. There is always a chance that your hands could carry infection.


Preventing infection from contact lenses :

If you use contact lenses make it a point to properly disinfect the lens as per instructions. Always make sure to clean your hand thoroughly before handing contact lenses. Consider wearing daily disposable contact lenses instead of lenses that can be worn on a monthly or continuous basis as they are easy to manage. Also make it a point to read and understand clearly all literature that accompany the lens and the cleaning solutions.


Washing your eyes :

Wash your eyes with cold or warm water whenever possible. This will not only help clean the eyes but also help your eyes de-stress.

Protecting your eyes from the sun: Make it a point to wear sunglasses when out in the sun. Quality sunglasses come with advanced protection to cut out the harmful UV rays of the sun along with other bright lights. Most optical shops have machines that can test the amount of UV a lens can absorb. So ask for it and get the lens tested to be sure you are buying a quality lens. If you drive a lot or spend time on water you can consider wearing polarized sunglasses.


Protection from Computer Screens :

For anyone working for long hours on a computer it is important not to over strain your eyes by staring at the monitor for longer hours. Try looking away from the screen every once in a while to de-strain your eyes. Also make it a point to work in a room that is fully lit. You can also consider wearing glasses that cut harmful rays generated by PC monitors and other VDUs.


Eating Right :

Try and include a whole lot of green leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet. Studies have shown that vegetables and fruits like spinach, broccoli, papaya, oranges, mango, green beans, sweet potatoes, lettuce and grapes have the substance ‘lutein’ and ‘zeaxanthin’ along with lots of Vitamin A and C that are vital for healthy functioning of the eyes. Lutein and Zeaxanthin act as natural sunglasses protecting the eyes from harmful rays. They have also been shown to help prevent cataracts.


Taking Precaution Before DIY :

Reports have shown that more than 20,000 eye accidents happen during DIY or do it yourself activities. So make sure to take proper precautions before you involve in any such activityز



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