Remove Dark Spots On Face Using Lemon Juice


Dark spots on your face will take away the beauty from your face. Removing them will make your face look better and more beautiful. Trying to remove the spots using chemicals may have effects that will alter your skin completely. Using beauty products may have long-term effects on your face that will not please you. Other than concealing them with makeup, there are other ways of removing these spots from your face. You may consider natural ways of getting rid of the spots on your face.


Whether you have liver spots, insect bites, or stubborn acne, you can remove them using lemon juice spot treatment. This process involves the use of the acidic juice that is derived from pure lemon juice to get rid of the dark spots on your skin. You do not need much, all that will be required can be found in your kitchen and the grocery store.


Removing spots using lemon juice 

You need to select the healthiest lemon from a bunch of lemons that you have. Then roll the lemon that you have selected on the kitchen counter. You roll the lemon using your hand for a few seconds with slight pressure. This way, the juice that are held within the membrane will be released.


Then cut the lemon crosswise with a sharp knife. Once you have sliced the lemon crosswise, you need to squeeze the juice through a trainer to a bowl. If you have a lemon squeezer, you do not need to use your hands.


You will then dip a cotton swab into the bowl that has the pure lemon juice and apply drops of the juice on the spots that you need to remove. Use a mirror to ensure that you get the right spot that needs the natural treatment.


Let the lemon that is in your face dry up for a few minutes. Once the lemon has dried up, you can rinse your face with clean cool water. You should repeat this procedure every morning and evening. While cleaning your face with the lemon juice, observe any changes on your face. You will realize that the black spots are fading off.


If you have many sports on your face, you may consider having a lemon scrub. The procedure involves scrubbing your face with the lemon fruit that has had the juice squeezed out of it. You can add sugar to the scrub so that the procedure becomes more effective. Once you have scrubbed your face and left it to dry, you can clean your face with water and soap.


Tips when using lemon juice 

You should apply sunscreen to your skin when using lemon to remove the dark spots on your face because lemon makes your skin more sensitive to sunlight. The sunscreen may reduce the exposure to sunlight. You should also expect the natural remedies to take more time to fade the spots compared to the cosmetic fade creams. However, the process will be equally effective with fewer side effects. Practicing the procedure for three weeks should ensure that your skin is spots free.

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