How To Repair Damaged and Loss Hair


There are so many things that can easily damage your hair. Straightening and curling irons, blow dryer, and shampoos are just some examples. Sun exposure, pollution and hair color can also damage your hair, too. So, how to repair damaged and loss hair? Let’s have a close look at few useful tips.


Trim Your Hair

The biggest hair problem for many women is split tends. This can be resolved with simple trimming. Though you can do it on your own, but for best results do not hesitate to see a hair stylist. If you want to do it yourself, choose your hair with split ends. If any or all of them are damaged, you should cut about quarter an inch to splitting reaching up to the roots. 


Change the Way You Shampoo Hair

Avoid using cheap shampoos that are laden with harmful ingredients. Minimize use of shampoos to just two times a week. It’s best to switch to natural or organic shampoo. You should follow all direction for use but apply it just on the roots and scalp. Try to retain your hair’s natural oil by not shampooing their tips. 


Condition your Hair

You must condition your hair thoroughly as this helps in repairing the damaged hair. It also treats damages due to constant heat application or coloring. You can also consider deep conditioning every fortnight. Keep in mind that condition is quite different from shampooing and requires you to apply an organic conditioner from roots to tips. 

A good alternative to commercial conditioners is egg yolk. It has good moisturizing properties. You can use egg white if you have oily hair. 

Gently rinse your hair and allow them to dry. Now wrap them using a towel, but don’t rub. Avoid a hair dryer too. Many hair experts believe that Taylor Swift is good when you prefer air drying over blow drying. Avoid daily blow drying as it can damage your hair strands resulting in thinning and breakage.


Have a Home Oil Treatment

There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars to get an oil treatment in a spa. You an just look great by using a good product. Search for various natural oil treatment products that have various natural oils and herbs. This not only nourishes your hair but also serves as an aromatherapy. For best results you can even mix some lavender oil. 


Make Your Hair Sticky with Honey

Apply honey on your hair and let it rest there for couple of minutes. This will help in reducing damage due to straightening iron or sun. Just half a cup of honey is sufficient for the job. Mix some mashed avocadoes if frizz is your problem. Apply it on your damp hair and rinse just for 15 minutes. As your hair will be sticky, use some warm water with olive oil for rinsing. 


There are many things than can damage your hair. Luckily, there are so many easy ways to repair them at home. Be sure to trim down and remove split tends. Spend more time condition and avoid using chemical based shampoos. Look for a natural conditioner or just rely on a egg yolk for an added moisturizing effect.




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