Top Reasons That Makes You Losing Hair


Hair loss or baldness has become a major trouble in the life of youngsters. Men lose hair more due to the male patterned baldness. In women it is mostly seen as thinning hair and loss of hair. The Reasons vary from simple temporary vitamin deficiency to complex health conditions. Now a day’s several medicines as well as techniques are available to cure this baldness. These can cure the baldness to a great extent. But the initial thing is one need to be aware of the reason behind the hair loss. Below are sited some of the most common and obvious reasons of baldness.


Physical stress

Stress is the most common reason that has been proved for hair loss. Any kind of trauma like car accident, severe illness or surgery leads to hair loss. This type of physical stress triggers a hair loss known as telogen effluvium. Hair itself has a growing, rest and shedding phase. Hair is badly affected in this kind of situation. It is noticeable after 6 months.



Pregnancy is another stress that may result in hair loss. Mostly it is seen after the delivery of the baby. This loss is mostly temporary and the hair is regained within a couple of months.


Vitamin A

Excessive use of medication many also lead to baldness. Mostly if a person is taking medicines supplements that contain vitamin A in excessive amount, then the hair loss occurs. So, to avoid hair loss medicines needs to be taken properly. A person needs to intake 5,000 International Units (IU) of vitamin A and for a child it reduces to an amount of 2500 to 10000 IU. This is also a temporary loss. Once the medication is stopped, hair grows normally.


Lack of protein

Protein is used to repair the damaged parts quickly. Inadequate amount of protein results in hair loss. Enough protein in the diet is ought most important. It may shut down the loss of hair. Adequate amount of protein helps to grow hair properly within 4 months. One could prefer in taking fish, eggs and meat.



Almost about half of the women in this world suffer from anemia. Anemia occurs due to iron deficiency. This may lead to baldness. One can perform a blood test and on the basis of the report one can change the daily habits or diets.


Male pattern baldness

Most of the male lose their hair by the age of 60. Most common reason is the male pattern baldness. This kind of hair loss is due to male sex hormones, combo of genes. In this case hair losses by making a M shaped hairline. Some remedies include minoxidil and certain oral medications like finasteride. This halts the hair loss. Surgery is also available to transplant and graft hair.



Androgenic is the female baldness. This is basically seen in women after the age of 30. But sometimes the baldness is hereditary. If a women is losing her hair frequently, then their is a chance of getting hair loss.


Apart from all the above stated points one can get shiny and healthy hair by maintaining a proper balance diet.


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