Tips On How To Handle Dry Skin Problem


Dry skin can occur due to many causes. The sebaceous gland on the skin is responsible to produce sebum which moisturizes the skin. However, under some cases the oil produced may not be enough. Side effects of drugs, health conditions and hair care regimens usually contribute to a dry skin. A dry skin mostly leads to dry hair and sometimes it might be flaky and itchy. Other causes that may lead to dry skin are improper diet, changes in the climate and allergies. It can also be a symptom of skin disorder as well as other diseases. If you have this problem, you should not worry anymore since the following is how you should dry skin problem.


Take a bath

Taking a bath helps in solving the problem of dry skin. This is because dry skin is mostly caused by loss of water from the skin. There are various ways you can use to replace the water that has been lost. The most effective way to replace that water is by taking a nice soak for about fifteen minutes in lukewarm water. Do not use hot bath or cold water as it may lead to other issues.


Moisturize your skin

This is done after bathing in order to retain hydration. You should gently pat your dry skin so as to leave it somewhat damp. After this you need to apply baby oil or mineral oil. Petroleum jelly can also work out fine for you. There is no need to incur a lot of cash in buying high-priced moisturizing products.


Have enough sleep

One needs to have enough time to sleep as body is known to repair and regenerate its skin cells while one is asleep. The human skin tends to become dry and dull if someone is not getting enough sleep.


Avoid using soap

You need to avoid soaps especially the ones that are high in lye content. Super-fatted soaps like Neutrogena or Dove usually have higher fat contents than lye content. Lye content is less harsh on human skin compared to Dove.


Skip a day

Under the normal living conditions, there is no need to bathe daily. You can take a sponge bath each day and spare your skin the aggravation. By doing so, you will have some natural resources and save your skin in the process.


Control your environment

Warmer and dry air tends to make human skin dry out faster. This results to flaky, itchy and tight skin. Try to humidify your home when you note that air is dry. This will assist greatly in turning down the heat and thus a cooling effect.


Eat a balanced diet

Your diet should be balanced and have lots of fruits, whole grains and vegetables. Foods high in vitamins A and B are also recommended as they lead to better skin health. Try to avoid caffeinated beverages and processed sugars. Caffeine is a diuretic and thus dehydrates your skin.


In conclusion, the above are some of the tips you can apply in handling a dry skin problem. You can always use the above tips as they are very effective and surely they will work out fine for you.


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