How To Apply Makeup Step By Step


Makeup is one of the most popular beauty secrets of women across the globe. There are also instances wherein boys are being applied makeups. However, it’s mostly girls who wear it on a daily basis. Some people cannot go outside without their makeups. It has become a necessity for some. It is because that makeup uplifts your face value, thus providing you comfort, giving you confidence, and boosts your self-esteem. Here are the basic steps for makeup that is perfect for anyone who wants to feel gorgeous and beautiful.


Step (1) :

Make your face clean. It is a “mortal sin” for a woman not to clean her face before applying makeup. The most basic rule of makeup is to start with a clean face. Go to the washing area and wash your face thoroughly. You can use soaps with moisturizers to further develop your facial skin and making it ready for makeup. Moisturizers are best for people who have dry skin. If you are experiencing some flakes in your skin surfaces, I highly advise you to exfoliate it by the use of lukewarm washcloth and gently press all over your face, including your lips.


Step (2) :

If you are now finished washing your face, the next step is to apply sunscreen. This is a very important step and you still have to do this even if the weather’s cloudy. Sunscreens are essential especially on weekends wherein you’re going to spend the day outside. The recommended sunscreens are the ones with SPF 40. They can act as moisturizer, foundation, and sunscreen in one.

If you don’t have any sunscreen then you can use a simple moisturizer as alternative. Apply it right after you have washed your face so that it will have time to absorb. It is recommended to have products that have the same kind of ingredients with a foundation- oil or water based.


Step (3) :

After successfully applying sunscreen or moisturizer, the next step is to apply foundation. It’s best to use a foundation that matches your skin shade or something that is a little bit lighter than your complexion. This is to provide with the basic “glow”. Do not use foundations that are far brighter from your skin shade because you might end up having an obvious boundary of skin tone between your face and neck.


Step (4) : 

Press some powder evenly all over your foundation. Don’t use excessive powder. It serves as protection against you accidentally “rubbing off” your applied base. It also prepares your skin for other smooth applications such as blush and eye-shadow.


Step (5) : 

The next step is to makeup your eyes. Select a neutral fawn colored violet or brown shadow that serves as a compliment for the color of your eyelids. These particular colors will make your eyes more loveable as they are universally flattering and are convenient to be improved if you want a more dramatic look.


Step (6) :

Apply mascara. Start as near as possible from the lids and go all the way to tips to have natural look.


Step (7) :

Apply a lip color that is closely similar to the original color of your lips. You can also use lip balm.



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