The Best Natural Hair Removal Tips For Women


As women, we tend to spend a large portion of our time on our hair than any other part of our bodies. As such, many women make the mistake of utilizing harmful chemicals such as sodium hydroxide, or skin damaging procedures such as waxing to remove their hair. But you’d be surprised to know that there’s a wide variety of natural ways that you can remove hair from your body, without the need for a chemical or skin damaging solution. Here are some of – the best natural hair removal tips for women.


1) Besan and Tumeric Solution 

Besan is a flour that’s made from chick peas, turmeric is a natural spice that’s used in South Asia. By making a solution that consists of water, turmeric and besan. You can use the solution to pour over the various sections of your body that you want your hair to be removed from. Once you let the solution dry for at least 20-30 minutes, you can gently remove it and as you do that, you’ll notice that it effectively removes excess hair.


2) Pumice Stone Method

Whenever you take a shower, apply soap on your hands and legs, and scrub that scrub that area with a pumice stone every time you take a shower. Even though this will take some time, gradually you will notice that there is a significant reduction in your hair growth.


3) Threading

When it comes to removing excess hair from the eyebrows, another way that you can naturally remove unwanted hair is by threading. This is an ancient technique that has Arabic roots. The process consists of utilizing a looped thread to pull out the hair follicles from its root. While it may seem similar to plucking is actually a lot less painful. For approximately five dollars, you can find a qualified practitioner to do the job for you.


4) Abrasive Method

The abrasive method, formally known as the friction method, has been practiced for several thousand years now and has been thought to have been developed by the ancient Egyptians. The process involves the utilization of a rough surface to gently sand away body hair. There’s a wide variety of abrasive gloves and mitts that you can purchase online that can effectively remove excess hair.


5) Sugar Waxing

Arguably, this may be one of the best natural hair removal tips for women. Many people are familiarized with the painful process of the traditional form of waxing. But have you ever heard of sugar waxing? Sugar waxing is another type of waxing that is pain free and 100% safe, because it consists of utilizing honey and/or sugar instead of a chemical that sticks to and can damage your skin. You can purchase a package of sugar gel from a variety of online retailers. Once you have the sugar gel package in your possession, you can use it to spread over the areas of your body that you want excess hair to be removed from. Once you let the gel dry, you can simply brush it off with your hands and it will remove the excess hairs from that area.

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