Natural Ways For Dry Or Damaged Hair


There are numerous reasons as to why your hair can be dry or damaged. Some of these can be as a result of your own fault while others can be out of control. There are various hair products in the market which are widely used to make hair better. Others use hair-drier to dry their hair and even change the natural color of the hair not knowing its side effects. Such factors will in the long-rung damage your hair and make it dry. The following are major natural tips on how to repair damaged hair.


Stop using a hair dryer.

Most people are using blow-dry to dry their hair while wet. This will only worsen the condition of dry and damaged hair. Always dry your hair naturally and prevent it from further damage.


Restrict the use of heated styling tools.

Heated styling appliances tools are other things which should not be used on your hair. Tools like hot rollers, curling irons and hair strengtheners must be avoided. When these tools are used on your hair, they will cause extensive damage on the texture and hair structure. In case you must use them, then protect your hair by using heat-protecting sprays. However, you must be aware that even after this protection; certain percentage of damage will be caused on your hair.


Oil your hair twice a week

Oil is a very important element on your hair. Make sure you apply nutritious oil at least twice a week. It helps in retaining the hair moisture hence preventing the dryness of the hair. In case your hair is already dry, apply olive oil, coconut oil or jojoba oil. After applying your oil, wait for at least four hours and then wash it using shampoo.


Trim your hair

Before commencing any form of treatment for repairing the damaged hair, you are required to trim off the many damaged parts of the hair. In case all your hair got damaged, the cut off at least half an inch of the hair to eliminate the split ends. This will prevent the breakage and dryness of the hair. This will make your hair respond well to the natural treatment.


Avoid shampooing on a daily basis

Frequent washing of your hair using shampoo will further damage your hair instead of making it better. Just use it when necessary. In fact, it should not be used for more than three times a week. This will enable your hair retain the natural oil and boost its general health. As well, avoid using shampoo over the ends of the damaged hair. Apply on the scalp and hair roots to cleanse them.


Apply conditioner after using shampoo

It is recommended that those people who have oily hair apply a conditioner at the end portion of the hair. However, with those with damaged hair should apply a conditioner on the entire hair. Make sure you condition your hair after shampooing. Add your conditioner with a teaspoon of molasses or honey to make it effective in case it is a dry weather


Increase your protein intake

Damaged hair needs adequate amount of protein. Hair itself is made up of protein and thus consumption of food rich in protein will help your damaged hair to recover faster.




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