How To Use Coconut Oil for Skin Care


Coconut oil is an antiseptic and it can heal wounds so well. The medicinal values of this oil are immense. It also has the capability for making the skin get the glow and shine naturally. If you love using natural products then you can make use of coconut oil. There are chances for using this oil for various purposes. This is also antibacterial in nature and also can have greater healing properties. Here are some of the uses of coconut oil for skin in healthy manner. 


Makeup Remover

Coconut oil can be used in the form of cleanse for removing the makeup in gentle and tender manner. This is something that can help in removing the makeup and also can let the skin be smooth and soft. This way of removing makeup can be the best for your skin as it cannot create any issues to the skin as there are no chemicals present in it. Using such a natural product with the skin can be good for it.

Removing Eye Makeup 

Coconut oil can be applied to cotton pad and then can be gently pressed to remove the makeup that is there on the eyes. This can also condition the lashes. The mascara, concealer and eye shadow can be removed easily by applying the coconut oil for some time and then wiping that well. This coconut oil can easily moisturize and also condition the eyebrows and eyelashes well. There are chances for you to have the eyelashes look awesome with the help of coconut oil.


Hand Cream 

Coconut oil can be made used for keeping your hands in amazing condition. Coconut oil can be easily used as hand cream. You need to rub the hands and then nail with the coconut oil. The oil can soak to the skin and also nails and can make them stronger and healthier. 


Healing Scalp 

Coconut oil can be used for getting rid of the various issues that are associated with the scalp that include eczema, dandruff, flaky and dry scalp. You need to apply the coconut oil on the scalp and then message than in the circular motions on it. This can make your scalp healthier and the hair stronger. 


Natural and Deep Conditioning for Hair 

You can make use of the coconut oil for the deep conditioning of the hair in natural way. This can help your hair to be stronger and healthier. You can just apply coconut oil on the hair as well as scalp and then keep it for about 2 hours. Once when the coconut oil really moisturizes the hair and scalp well, you can then shampoo your hair and condition it. Your hair can look much softer and shiner. 


Body Scrub Plus Lotion 

You can mix some sugar with the coconut oil and then apply all over the body. You can massage for the scrub affect. It can act as lotion and scrub together. This can provide your body with a better care.



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