How to Remove Makeup


Your face is the most important part of your body as it plays a big role towards giving the first impression. It therefore has to be taken very good care of so as to continue giving that beautiful, clear, healthy and radiant appearance, regardless of what time of day or night it may be, or how young or old you are.


Although makeup helps add that special glow onto your face, at the end of the day, it has to be removed. Basically, anyone who wears makeup has their own unique way of removing it. But, despite us having different types of skins and makeup removal preferences, when removing it, the same technique has to be applied.


The first step towards learning how to remove makeup is to start with the very sensitive areas of the face. These include the areas around your eyes. The reason why this is important is because removing eye liner and mascara is one of the hardest things. To do this, use pre-soaked cotton pads with oil based or dual phase makeup remover. This should be done for approximately 10 seconds. By so doing, you’ll be making it a lot easier to apply makeup come the next day and, you’ll also be preventing the occurrence of dark circles around the eyes. To remove lipstick, simply use a cotton pad that has been soaked in either cream or liquid. You may also opt to use olive oil.


The next step is to use a facial cleanser to remove makeup from the rest of the face. Start by massaging the cleanser onto the skin for 20 seconds while paying attention to areas around your hairline, ears and chin. A cleanser is highly recommended for it helps in taking off both blush and foundation from the skin. Then, use a clean, wet and white cotton towel to wipe the face. A white towel is preferred for it helps show just how much makeup has been removed and if the face is clean, no dirt is left on the towel.


Once you’re done removing the makeup, wash your face with clean water, preferably warm water, or a hot washcloth, as it helps ‘melt’ any makeup that may have been left on the skin after cleansing. Then, pat it dry using a clean towel before applying your facial cream/moisturizer. This enables the skin to breathe and regenerate.


Some of the precautions to observe on how to remove makeup are to never use facial scrub as it can easily cause premature wrinkles while at the same time irritating the eyes. Also, do not rely entirely on makeup wipes as they never clean well enough, and tend to leave the skin drier or oilier than before.


In a nutshell, all that you need for your day to day makeup removal regime is a good cleanser, oil based or dual phase makeup remover, clean wash towels, water and moisturizer. And although removing makeup especially after a hard and long day may seem a lot, always remember that for you to have a good skin; you have to give it a lot of tender love and care. After all, this entire process can be accomplished in less than five minutes!




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